Keeping the Flag Flying...

Keeping the Flag Flying...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

For All Once Were Easters Living in Greece - This Post is Dedicated to Brenda, Julia, Laxmi and Judith ...RIP

For Brenda, Julia, Laxmi and Judith who left us way too early...

Winds about the East hills blowing
Sound of glorious,carefree days,

Sweep the city spread beneath us,
Bid it join their echoing lays;

O brave youth with joy and singing;
Set the hills forever ringing,

Proud on high your standards raise.

Mind and body gain new courage,
From our lamp in radiance bright,

Though we fail, yet we will conquer,
Rise again and win the fight;

O brave youth with joy and singing
Set the hills forever ringing


Glorious carefree days indeed! Remember everyone?

For those who don't know, when WEGC held it's jubilee, we had sent them our good wishes and a note with all the names of the 'Old Girls' living in Greece and the Headmistress, who was none other than our beloved Miss Janice Campbell, in her response advised us that a garden had been created in one section at the back of the school, near the Tennis Courts, and named Mediterranean Garden, in honour of all the Greek girls that had gone to the school...What a wonderful gesture!

Miss Campbell, on behalf of all of us Once Were Easters living in Greece, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

This post was inspired by Maria Verivakis' Mediterranean Kiwi blog post 'Lumen Accipe et Imperti' . Although Maria went to a different college, Wellington Girls', the school motto was the same

Take the Light and pass it on...

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Mediterranean kiwi said...

this is a very poignant post.
i have lost contact with nearly everyone i went to school with.
it's sad to think that my first 25 years of life, although they helped shape me, did not leave much residue...

bathmate said...
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