Keeping the Flag Flying...

Keeping the Flag Flying...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

We Succeeded...just shows you that nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!

Athens News has been saved thanks to you!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Your immediate and overwhelming support to the Athens News has saved the day. An earlier decision to close the newspaper before selling it has been reversed, and we shall now continue publication, seamlessly going over to a new owner without missing a beat.

Hundreds of emails, faxes and letters have arrived in under a week from all over the world petitioning for our extension, and at last count over 1,600 people had signed our online petition. Our publisher’s phone has been ringing with investor interest.

All this betokens two things - the groundswell of support that exists within the thinking commuity for this newspaper, and the intrinsic value that the market sees in it. It is a heartening response in an age of declining newspaper sales and the rise of infotainment at the expense of real journalism. The entire staff joins me in thanking you, our readers, friends and supporters for your solidarity, which played the decisive role in keeping this newspaper alive.

John Psaropoulos
Athens News

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